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Excellence in
Women‘s Wellbeing

At gynXtra, we provide room and competence for women in all phases of life to help strengthen them in their physical and emotional wellbeing. As experienced and highly engaged gynecologists, we take the time to give you individual advice at the cutting edge of scientific developments.

The gynXtra online consultation or hormone coaching takes place via video calls. We are at your side and offer comprehensive advice and therapy suggestions for undesirable consequences of menopause or hormonal imbalance at different stages of life.

Our aim is to use our extensive expertise to support women at a time when they face many mental, physical and life challenges. We show you how to age healthily and help you feel good about yourself and stay productive.

We use bioidentical hormones in our therapies.

At gynXtra, an excellent team of experienced and dedicated gynecologists looks after your needs.

Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, FMH
Specialized in operative gynecology and obstetrics, FMH
Master in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (ECAMS)
Member of the board of mws Ärztinnen Schweiz

Languages: German, English, French and Italian

Dr. med. Lina Marie Maurer

Since the beginning of this year, Dr. Maurer has also been advising her patients in online consultations. Her focus is on providing individualized medical advice on perimenopausal symptoms.

Languages: German and English

pract. med. Nikoleta Dimitrova

The doctor of gynecology and obstetrics is in charge of laser treatments at gynXtra. The non-invasive therapy is used to treat vaginal dryness, lichen sclerosus, constant itching, stress incontinence and to tighten tissue after childbirth or after the menopause, as well as to optimize scars.

Languages: German, English and Bulgarian

Hormone coaching

Strong through menopause

Company offer: Prevention for female employees

With experience and a holistic approach, we offer support in all phases of life.