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Dr. Bettina von Seefried is an experienced gynaecologist with many years of practice in Zurich. She is the founder of gynXtra.

gynXtra is available to patients to discuss changes that have a significant impact on their well-being but are not considered a medical condition. These typically occur during different stages of life, e.g. after the birth of a child or during the menopause. External circumstances such as career decisions or personal challenges such as break-ups play a significant role. Such life events are often accompanied by a loss of energy, which can be exacerbated by the onset of the menopause. gynXtra was founded to meet this need.

Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried

pract. med. Nikoleta Dimitrova

GynXtra Online Consulting

Procedure of the consultation hours, costs

We want to take the time to understand you properly, offer you a holistic consultation and carefully explain the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options. The costs of our services are not covered by health insurance. Our consultation takes place online and usually lasts around 50 minutes for first-time patients. Follow-up appointments to monitor the therapy can be arranged. If laboratory analyses or further examinations are necessary, we will determine together where you can have these examinations carried out in your area.

Duration and costs:
First appointment for diagnostics and individual consultation.
Follow-up appointment after 10-14 days.
Appointments of 50 minutes CHF 380

The aim of our treatment concept is to maximize physical and emotional well-being.