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Under the direction of Dr. Bettina von Seefried, we intensively support and accompany female patients in all phases of life.

Based on our broad interdisciplinary and women-specific expertise, we make time for you. We devote our concentrated attention to you and take your individual life situation into account holistically. In the protected space of our practice in Zurich, we welcome you and support you in a focused and mindful way. So that you can live happily, healthily and well for a long time to come.

Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried

GynXtra doctor with patient

Procedure of the consultation hours, costs

We take the time to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of various therapies and provide you with the best possible support. The treatment spectrum ranges from taking bioidentical hormones, minerals and vitamins to lifestyle coaching. The purpose of various check-ups is also discussed.

Duration and costs:
First appointment for diagnostics and individual examination and consultation.
Follow-up appointment to discuss the results after 10-14 days.
Package with two appointments of 45 minutes each CHF 900
Laboratory costs CHF 300-500


Anti-aging and longevity

Our bespoke gynXtra program includes biomolecular rejuvenation treatments for the body and brain. The aim of our treatment concept is to maximize physical and emotional well-being.

We are all about bringing body, mind and energy back into balance through scientifically based treatments. Treatment goals include increasing strength, endurance and cognitive function, detoxification, weight management, anti-aging and longevity. This will recharge your batteries and give you more momentum in life.

The targeted individual use of vitamins and other micronutrients, which has been objectified by laboratory diagnostics, represents an important component of effective preventive measures.