Success factor: women's advancement

It is well known that more women in positions of responsibility and a healthy gender mix bring more success to companies.

For many women, the menopause represents a time in life when they rethink their goals and needs. Various studies in recent years show that a considerable number of women change jobs at this stage of life. To prevent this departure of your female employees as far as possible, your company can take appropriate measures for workplace health promotion. This requires understanding on the part of those responsible for HR, and the women concerned must have the opportunity to talk about their changing needs and complaints.

We at gynXtra offer your company both: education for the company about the known changes in needs and individual counseling for your female employees.

It's time to break through the taboo subject of menopause and work. This is the only way you can actively do something to prevent sick leave and departures of your female employees. After all, motivated, satisfied and healthy employees are the capital of every successful company.

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